Lonely - RELEASED 06.10.15

WSVN-TV Miami Interview 11.10.15

Angelo is a 13-year-old singer/songwriter and keyboard player who began writing songs at age 8 and has an unique ability to convert his personal experiences to powerful lyrics and catchy musical transitions. Angelo’s music videos have been widely recognized. “Heard it at Sunset” – a song about the Boston Marathon bombing - won best music video at the Long Beach Indie International Film Festival. “Mirror” won best music video at the 2014 Indian Cine Film Festival in Mumbai, India. “House is Burning Down” – a song about bullying – was selected by numerous film festivals and trended at #4 worldwide on YouTube as one of the most popular music videos around the web on June 8, 2013. Full Biography Angelo’s talents were noticed by Marc Delcore, music director for Britney Spears who continues to mentor him. Angelo continues to write and has a large catalogue of songs that will be released in the near future starting with his next song and video release on June 10, 2015.


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